Lab-created Diamonds

    While diamond-growing technology has been around for over five decades, gem-quality results have only been achievable for a few years. There are many reasons to consider a lab-created diamond as an alternative to naturally mined diamonds. Gemesis Diamond Company is proud to offer diamonds in both colorless and fancy yellow colors. Gemesis man-made diamonds are certified by leading gemological institutes and cherished by anyone seeking a truly beautiful, environmentally and socially responsible diamond of high quality, purity and rarity. Each Gemesis diamond is totally unique, just as in nature. Each one takes months to get to the final polished end point and once the rough diamond is created and skillfully cut and polished, it is just as radiant and distinct as one created naturally.

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    Type IIaColorless Diamonds

    Remarkable proprietary technology allows Gemesis to offer you a full line of high-quality, colorless lab-created diamonds. We’re proud to introduce this exceptional choice as you search for dazzling earrings, an elegant pendant or a spectacular engagement ring. Gemesis colorless diamonds are all certified as Type IIa, the purest type of diamond, which is extremely rare in nature. Less than two percent of the world's diamonds are Type IIa. A renowned example is the "Elizabeth Taylor Diamond," formerly known as the "Krupp Diamond," a 33.19-carat Type IIa diamond.

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    Fancy Color Diamonds

    Until recently, high-quality, fancy color stones were only available in mined form, which can easily sell for tens of thousands of dollars per carat. Some of the world's most famous natural diamonds are of fancy color. With exceptional beauty and rarity, these diamonds have been associated with many intriguing figures in history from Louis XIV to Catherine the Great. Gemesis is now able to make fancy color diamonds accessible to today’s fashion-conscious consumers. Available in brilliant yellow and golden yellow hues, these diamonds have all the beauty, quality and color of their mined counterparts at an extremely attractive price.

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    Environmentally Friendly

    As massive diamond mining operations are not in pace with increasing consumer consciousness, Gemesis Diamond Company is proud to offer diamonds grown in a controlled environment, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint and very little overall environmental impact compared to mined diamonds. Gemesis lab-created diamonds are a responsible choice for ecologically conscious consumers. 

    Guaranteed Conflict-Free

    Consumers who aspire to make socially responsible purchasing decisions have concerns related to “conflict” or “blood” diamonds. As Gemesis lab-grown diamonds are origin guaranteed and fully disclosed as lab-created, these concerns are alleviated. Gemesis Diamond Company operates at the highest level of safety standards and fair, humane and ethical labor practices.